How to place an order


Add the products you want to buy to your cart by selecting "ADD TO CART" or "BUY IT NOW", this will automatically add the product you want to your cart.


If you pressed "BUY IT NOW" you would automatically be taken to your cart, if you selected multiple products to your cart by pressing "ADD TO CART" you can go to your cart by selecting the Cart image at the top of the page this will take you to your cart and you can double check all the items you selected and the quantities.


You will be asked for your details such as email address, name, number and more, at delivery you have a few options, you can choose "Pick Up" which means you wish to place an order online that you plan on picking up your self at our store. Alternatively you can select delivery in which case you need to provide accurate delivery details such as your address, area code and more, no products include free delivery so you will have to choose which delivery charge you fall under.

"Local" means you reside with in Gauteng.

"National" means you reside outside of Gauteng but still within South Africa.


Now it will come to the payment area where you can choose to complete your payment Via:

"Payfast" a secure way to make online payment using many different methods, once you've selected "PayFast" it will redirect you to the "Payfast" page where you'll have to register and give your payment details such as card or account number.

Its also at "Payfast"  where you can apply for LAY-BUY through choosing "MOBICRED" and providing the required documents on their site.

You can also select "Cash Deposit" where you are provide with banking details to physically deposit the money, it's important you use your order number as reference and email the Proof of Payment to we only accept Proof Of Payment from the banks direct email.

With Cash deposit you'll have 48 hours to complete the payment and notify us, or your order will be cancelled.


You've completed your purchase, please wait 2-5  business days for delivery, your order on our website will be updated with a tracking number you can use for The Courier Guy to trach your order.

if you need any assistance please don't hesitate to contact us through phone, email or direct message from the website.